Leaflet Distributor (£200 a week)

Whether you work from home or at our office or warehouse, you will have the opportunity to make a huge difference to our clients and fulfil your own potential. Find out more about the different roles available and apply now.

We require individuals to deliver a small leaflet to every household in designated areas in postcodes. We will review the potential of that area(s). Please specify the area(s) that you would like to deliver and confirm that you are able to transport yourself to the delivery area.

We will drop your allocation of leaflets with a map of your delivery route to your address so please let us know full address with postcode and a contact number. Everything will be confirmed if you are successful

This is a highly physical job and not as easy as most people think!

You need to be fit enough to tackle streets full of stairs to a letterbox when needed. Being intelligent, methodical and not being a slow walker will also help!

You must be ultra-reliable, trustworthy and dedicated. We only want people who will take the job seriously and take pride in their work.

Perfect for parents with school-aged kids, homeworkers & creative freelancers or mature adults seeking a regular second income with highly flexible hours.

An average job can be completed in approx. 15 hours or less, depending on how fast/slow you work, but YOU decide how many hours per day you want to put in. Finish in 10 hours or finish in 15 hours, the payout is still the same.

There’s lots of autonomy and flexibility in this job: choose your shift starting between either 9-10 am or 12-1pm, and work any hours or days you choose except Sundays, Bank Holidays or rainy days! All we ask is that you start when you say you’re going to start and meet the deadline we give you (we reasonably expect that one person can finish one job each week).