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Stubborn Yellowing! Restore a 50-year old Wedding Gown!

Wedding Gown Yellowing

Wedding Gown Yellowing

After the wedding date, this customer simply hang the Wedding Gown in the wardrobe for over 50 years. One day, she noticed there is a “slight colour change” and ask us for help! OMG! As you can see, the wedding gown turns into a Stubborn Yellowing, light brownish colour. The fabric degrades and become rigid. Also, there are some strange smell. What a challenge for us! This is a classic example of how the poor preservation of wedding gown can result in damaging of a family heirloom. Many external factors causes this to happen, such as oxidation of fabric, moisture & temperature change, and exposure to direct sunlight etc.

We apply our Restoration treatment as well as using special chemicals to rejuvenate the gown. The result is obvious. It change dramatically from Stubborn Yellowing to its original colour. The fabrics becomes softer and looks refreshing. It even smell much better.


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