Thank you for your ORDER REQUEST! Payment and delivery will be processed AFTER we evaluate your Dress.

Why do you need to evaluate the dress?
Not all the Dresses can be cleaned! Under certain situations, some combination of stains, fabric and dress structure making it impossible to clean a dress. So it is better to check it carefully at the beginning. Otherwise, the untreated dress will be returned back to the customers, wasting their valuable time and money.


STEP 1: Dress Evaluation

For us to better evaluate your dress, please send us the followings:

(1) Your Order Number
(2) Photos of Dirt and Stains 
(3) Photos of Care Labels (Click HERE for details)
Questions? Feel free to Live Chat with us through facebook or instagram.


STEP 2: You will be charged NOW

After evaluation, if your dress can be cleaned, an invoice with payment details will be emailed to you to process the payment.

STEP 3: Print Label

After payment, we will communicate with you for the date and time for courier collection.

Also, a Print Label will be emailed to you. Please print it out and attach it with the box.

STEP 4: Pack your dress

Make sure to pack the dresses suitable for delivery. Here is how to properly pack your dress:

– Please see the photos below, and find a box that is within these package size requirement. Every single side cannot exceed the required length.

–  Use a rigid box with flaps intact
–  Remove any labels, hazardous materials indicators, and other previous shipment markings
–  Wrap all items separately
–  Use adequate cushioning materials
–  Use strong tape designed for shipping
–  Do not use string or paper over-wrap
–  Attach the Print Label to the box (If your printer ink is water soluble, please use transparent tape to cover the label or plastic bag to prevent rain from blurring the words)

– For insurance purpose, please send us 3 Photos of Packing before collection – Box and Printed Label (Click HERE to view samples)