Wedding Dress Preservation

The Ultimate Guide to Re-wearing a Preserved Family Heirloom Wedding Dress

wedding dress preservation

As a trusted and experienced designer brand wedding dress cleaning specialist in the UK. We know how important it is to preserve your family wedding dress for future generations. Our team has helped countless brides confidently re-wear their cherished family heirlooms, no matter how old or new the dress is.

In this ultimate guide, we share our expert tips and advice on how to properly clean, preserve, and re-wear a preserved wedding dress. From inspecting the dress for any damages to choosing the right storage options, we cover everything you need to know to keep your family wedding dress looking as stunningly beautiful as it did on the original wedding day.

Trust us to preserve your most precious memories and keep them alive for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our wedding dress cleaning and preservation services.


What are some tips for maintaining and preserving a family wedding dress?

  1. Store the dress in a dry, cool, and dark location, such as a closet or under-bed storage box. Avoid hanging the dress in direct sunlight or near artificial lighting.
  2. Handle the dress with white cotton gloves to prevent any oil transfer or damage to the delicate fabric.
  3. Hang the dress by its straps to prevent stretching of the fabric and keep it from touching the ground.
  4. Avoid storing the dress in plastic bags or containers, as they can trap moisture and cause yellowing or mold growth. Instead, use a breathable, acid-free garment bag or a preservation box designed for wedding dresses.
  5. Regularly inspect the dress for any signs of damage or discoloration. If you notice any issues, seek professional help from a wedding dress cleaning and preservation specialist.
  6. Avoid eating, drinking, or smoking near the dress, and keep it away from pets and children.
  7. If you plan to wear the dress, schedule a professional cleaning and pressing before your wedding day to ensure that it looks its best.
  8. Handle the dress as little as possible on your wedding day to prevent staining or damage.
  9. After the wedding, have the dress professionally cleaned and preserved to ensure its long-term preservation.
  10. Consider donating the dress to a museum or preservation society if you do not plan to pass it down to future generations.


Why You Should Consider Wearing a Preserved Family Wedding Dress on Your Big Day

At our designer brand wedding dress cleaning and preservation service in UK, we understand the significance of family wedding dresses and the desire to honor and appreciate past generations by re-wearing these timeless pieces.

Many of our brides opt for wedding dress cleaning-only (not preservation) because they plan to wear a family wedding dress on their own special day. We’ve collected quotes from some of our happy customers who have re-worn a preserved family wedding dress to share their excitement and appreciation for this tradition.

By entrusting us with the cleaning and preservation of your family wedding dress, we can ensure that it is carefully handled and restored to its original beauty. Whether the dress was worn by your mother, grandmother, or other family member, our advanced cleaning technology and delicate care techniques can bring it back to life for you to wear with pride and joy.

We offer nationwide courier service, collection and delivery in the Manchester area, same-day order acceptance, and a self-drop off option at our Manchester counter. We also provide a preservation bag and wedding dress box tailored for dress storage and storage service in an optimum environment for luxury garment storage.

Let us help you honor your family traditions and create new memories by wearing a beautifully preserved family wedding dress on your special day. Contact us today to schedule your dress cleaning and preservation service.

Tips for Conducting an Initial Examination of Your Preserved Wedding Dress in the Display Chest

If you’re considering wearing a vintage family wedding dress on your big day, the first step is to conduct an initial examination without compromising its anti-yellowing guarantee. To do this, inspect the hem and bust areas through the viewing window of the Preservation Chest. Avoid removing the dress entirely from the Display Chest, as this could affect its preservation.

To examine the hemline, remove the sealing stickers from the bottom of the Display Chest, and use the included white gloves to prevent any oil transfer. Check for yellowing or staining that may have occurred from improper storage, particularly in areas that are most susceptible to staining and soiling from the original wedding day.

Why is this examination important? In rare cases, improper storage can cause fabric rot or decay, making the material brittle and fragile. If you discover any issues, it may be best to explore other options. However, once you join our service, it’s highly likely to be in perfect condition for you to wear again. We’re committed to providing top-quality preservation services that protect your cherished memories for generations to come.

Removing Your Preserved Wedding Dress from the Display Chest

Once you have completed a thorough examination of your preserved wedding dress and are confident that you want to wear it on your big day, it’s time to take it out of the Wedding Dress Display Chest. We recommend doing this around two to three months before your wedding day.

Using white cotton gloves, carefully remove the dress from the chest and inspect it for any signs of damage or discoloration. This will give you plenty of time to send the dress to us for professional cleaning and pressing if necessary. Our team usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete this process, although it may take longer during the busy wedding season.

To store and transport your dress, we suggest using a plastic-free cloth garment bag. This will help keep your dress safe and protected during fittings and transportation to and from your venue.

Initial Fitting Your Preserved Wedding Dress for Your Big Day

Before your wedding day, it’s important to have your preserved wedding dress fitted and altered. To avoid damaging the delicate materials, wear white cotton gloves whenever handling the dress and handle it as little as possible after removing it from the Display Chest.

When taking your dress to a seamstress, make sure they take care to avoid any contact with substances that could cause staining and dull the brilliance of your dress on your special day.

If you plan on having your dress professionally cleaned and pressed before your wedding day, schedule your alterations to be made before sending in the dress. This will ensure that any contamination that may have occurred after removing it from the Display Chest is removed.

Tips for Storing and Maintaining Your Preserved Wedding Dress

As we advise on our website, it’s best to store your wedding dress in a location within your home where you feel comfortable, such as your master bedroom or closet. Make sure to hang your dress by its straps to prevent any stretching of the delicate fabric. Additionally, it’s important to hang your dress as high as possible to keep it from touching the ground.

One extra tips on caring your wedding dress before your big day: simply follow this pre-wedding dress care guide.

Caring for Your Dress on Your Wedding Day and Afterward

We understand that wearing a sentimental family wedding dress on your big day can be stressful. However, don’t forget to have fun and not stress too much! With specialist experience in cleaning and preserving wedding gowns. We normally can remove 99% of the stains that may naturally occur on your wedding day. This includes food, icing, wine, ink, blood, grass, dirt, and more. Thanks to our proven delicate fabric cleaning techniques and preservation technology.

However, we recommend exercising caution when walking on hot asphalt. As the oils from fresh asphalt can be challenging to remove from your dress hem. If it’s a warm day, ask a friend to help lift your dress as you walk across hot surfaces.

After your wedding day, it’s best to have your dress re-cleaned and preserved as soon as possible. If your dress is over several years, please do wedding dress cleaning at least four weeks before your wedding day. So it’s ready for you to use the day after your wedding.


Wedding Dress Preservation


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