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Wedding Dress: Dry Cleaning or Wet Cleaning?

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

Dry or Wet? This is the question.

Many customers believe only in Dry Cleaning, but in fact 80% of the stains can actually be cleaned by Wet Cleaning. Dry-Cleaning can tackle oil-soluble stains; and Wet Cleaning can remove water-soluble stains.

Regular household detergents has poor stain removing ability and may even damage the fabric. The best way to clean a wedding dress is by Wet Cleaning. Soaking the dress into a bath of chemical solution, specially designed for the fabric & stain. Not only removing the stains, our chemicals are able to strengthen the fabric, as well as whitening the whole garment. Finally giving it a refreshing look.

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning


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