Wedding Dress Cleaning

How to clean a wedding dress?

how to clean a wedding dress
  • Dry Clean and Wet Clean for general fabrics:

How to clean a wedding dress? First of all, we use petroleum-based, oil-soluble dry cleaning agent for stain removal. Next, use water-soluble stain removal spray gun to remove any remaining stains. Finally, rejuvenate the fabric by soaking into a mild chemical bath for several hours to restore its whiteness.

During Dry Cleaning & Wet Cleaning, we Hand Clean the stained part carefully. Also, we use small but Ultrasonic Spot Cleaning Devices to streamline the process. Their steady vibrations remove stains effectively, without affecting the structure of the fabric.

Different from traditional laundry shops, we do not use large washing machines. These industrial machine can do the work fast, and in bulk volume. However, since different laundry garments get in contact with each other, under the high spinning speed, it is very likely to cause damage. Instead, we insist to hand clean the dresses to avoid potential accidents such as beading removal, pad displacement, fabric pulling and tearing, cross-color dyeing and color mis-matching. For extra care, we treat every dress individually. One-by-one, the dresses were well cleaned inside out in a safety order. The whole process may take up to 20 hours

  • Fabrics such as Silk & wool that can only be dry-cleaned:

Cleaning oil-soluble dry-cleaning agents requires the usage of large machines. If there are silk/ wool components, customer please let us know in advance. For fragile silk fleece, we only use special products for silk fleece with gentle cleaning effect. Most water-soluble stains cannot be removed by dry cleaning. In order not to damage the fragile silk and wool fabrics, the device speed is relatively low, and the staining effect is usually poor.


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