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How to clean Bridal Veil?

How to clean Bridal Veil

First, soak the veil in warm water for 20 minutes to remove the stain and dirt. Afterwards, you can use a medium-low temperature ironing to smooth out any obvious wrinkles. If you have a small steam iron at home, you can put a thin cloth on it and spray some water. Avoid using a household iron to iron, as high temperatures can damage the fabric.

Maintenance and storage of Bridal Veil:

The veil is mostly made of yarn. Bridal Veils are extremely delicate. Brides must be very careful when handling or wearing it, especially not to step on it. This may teared apart the fabric easily.

Also, Bridal Veil can easily be pressed by other garments in the wardrobe, which end up in creases. This can seriously affect the appearance. Solution? Brides can fix the creases of the veil before using it. Simply take the veil out and hang it on a hanger and place it in a ventilated position for 1 Day. The yarn strips will slowly recover its fluffiness and become straight.

How to clean Bridal Veil?


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