Wedding Dress Cleaner near me


Step 1: Pack

– Use quality sturdy boxes

– Put your dress in a wedding dress bag, cloth bag or plastic bag.

– Place the dress in the centre and ensure 6cm distance between it and the box

– Fill all empty spaces to avoid any movement of the dress

Step 2: Photo

– Before you close/ seal the box, take a clear photo with the box open together with your dress inside

Step 3: Seal

– Use H-taping method to seal all edge and seams with tape

Step 4: Label

– Print out the shipment label & display it clearly on the top of the box

– To protect the label from moisture, cover it by transparent tape or plastic bag

– Take a photo of the box with the label

– Take a photo of the label

– Send the 3 photos to us through facebook or instagram message


Please note that third party courier CANNOT collect parcel on the same day of your payment date or at weekend. We will try to schedule your preferred collection date, however, it is not guarantee during COVID-19 period.

Please enquiry earliest courier available date first before your purchase. Door to door courier only collect parcel at weekday from 9am to 5pm. Timeslot for the date of door to door collection (Driver arrival time) cannot be guaranteed.

We will arrange third party courier to collect parcel. Please prepare your postage box and print out the barcode label before courier arrive.

Please send the 3 photos to us to arrange courier

(1) Internal Pack
(2) External Pack with Printed Label
(3) Close-up of Printed Label (We will send you document of label through email. If your printer ink is water soluble, please use transparent tape to cover the label or plastic bag to prevent rain from blurring the label. Please make sure stick printed label well and do not fall off)

Packaging Guidelines

First, choose the correct size shipping container for your merchandise or use sufficient internal packaging material to keep items from moving around within your package. Use materials that will not collapse under the weight of heavy items. Next, tightly wadded kraft paper, for example, can be used to fill empty void space in the shipping container.


General Guidelines

Make sure your box has a seal
As a start, seal the flaps of your shipping container using six strips of pressure-sensitive poly tape. Use a strong tape with a minimum width of two inches (48 mm). Next, for regular slotted containers (RSC) where the flaps meet in the centre, apply three strips of tape to both the top and bottom of the box, so the middle and two edge seams are sealed.
Moreover, for corrugated containers where the flaps overlap (FOL), apply three strips of tape to both the top and bottom of the box, so the three edge seams are sealed. Do not use masking tape, cellophane (office) tape, duct tape, string or paper over-wrap.
First of all, place the shipping label on the top of the package. To avoid confusion, make sure only one address is visible on the package. If you are using a packing slip, place it on the same surface as the address label.
Next,  please avoid placing the label over a seam or box closure or on top of box sealing tape. Remove or cross out old labels or markings on used boxes.Place a duplicate label or other form of identification inside your package.

Wedding Dress Cleaner near me

Also, if you are using a mailing tube, place the label horizontally, with each end of the label pointing toward the ends of the tube, so the bar code can be scanned. Always include your complete return address, including full street address and postcode. Always include the recipient’s postal code with the complete street address. Make every effort to obtain a street address.
Moreover, if using a P.O. Box address, include the recipient’s telephone number on the label. Note that any packages addressed to a P.O. Box may be delayed, are not covered by any UPS Service Guarantee, and require an address correction charge. Army Post Office (APO) and Fleet Post Office (FPO) address are not accepted. For international shipments, include a contact name, telephone number, and postal code.Labeling
Wedding Dress Cleaner near me


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