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Organza – a replacement for Silk in Wedding Dress fabric

organza fabric

Cleaning Organza Wedding Dress

Many laundry shops and Dry Cleaning Stores refuse to clean Silk Wedding Dresses. Why? Because Silk is sometimes too sensitive and delicate. Therefore, some designers started to use Organza as a replacement. Organza looks like silk. They are thin, light-weight and shiny. They are tougher than silk because they contain synthetic filament materials such as nylon or polyester. To clean Organza fabric, the best way is to hand clean them softly. Apply too much pressure might result in creases and weakening of fabric. If your dress is made of Organza, please pay attention for any potential physical damage, and be careful not to step on it. Otherwise, the material can be scattered with tiny holes which is irreversible.

Creases can be formed easily on Organza. Before the Wedding Day, make sure to use a low-temperature iron or steamer to give it a good iron; and don’t apply too much pressure during ironing. After wedding, please store the dress in a Preservation Box and do not place anything above it.

Organza fabric has a strong Odour-absorbing ability. So when you store your Organza dress, make sure to get rid of all sorts of “smells”, such as perfume, air-freshener, deodorants and mothballs. Otherwise, these agents may lead to yellowing.

Cleaning Organza Wedding Dress


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