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Can I clean my Wedding Dress myself?

Clean Wedding Dress Myself

How to clean Wedding Dress myself?

Wearing the pure, white wedding dress is every girl’s dream since childhood. Putting on the most beautiful wedding dress and marry the love of your life. Nowadays, more and more people choose to buy a luxurious Designer wedding dresses to celebrate the most important moments in their lives. Afterwards, the wedding dresses should be preserved after the wedding. What are the precautions and tips when cleaning a wedding dress? Can I Clean Wedding Dress Myself? Let’s get to know it together.

First, when you buying a wedding dress, don’t forget to ask the shop/ designer the details of the dress. What kind of material it is? What are the small beadings and small glitter attached to the dress? Find out the texture of the dress. They are very helpful and willing to answers all your questions. You should understand the dress well and get to know to clean and preserve the wedding dress.

After the wedding day, the wedding dress is often dirty and must be cleaned before storage. If you do not clean it, or you clean it improperly, all sorts of issues will eventually appear to the dress. Compare to regular clothings, the fabric of a wedding dress is delicate and sensitive. Together with the extra large size, it is not easy for normal household to clean the wedding dress yourself.

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  8. Wedding Dress Drying: Hang dry or lay flat

How to clean Wedding Dress myself?

Wedding Dresses are usually made of fabrics such as such as yarn, satin, lace, chiffon or silk. Also, the dresses are often embellished with handmade flowers, embroideries and handmade beadings. Careless cleaning of wedding dresses may cause deformation, beads dropping or even physical damaging.

Wedding Dress Designers never consider about cleaning!

An important point to note is that the Wedding Dress Designers never consider about cleaning or preservation! They never know how hard it is to clean the embroidered lace or handmade flower! Moreover, they won’t understand that silk is probably the most difficult fabric to clean!

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3 common mistakes when washing my wedding dress:

  • Some beadings and sequins may react chemically with household detergents, causing them to deform or fade after cleaning.
  • Glue-bonded or hand-embroidered lace, glue can easily be dissolved in washing solvents. Also, they are very sensitive to heat, and could be damaged during drying or ironing.
  • Lace and satin: In order to match the overall effect of the wedding dress, the lace and satin decoration of many details are usually dyed. They may fade or cause dyeing issues during the cleaning process.

You may ask: Can I wash the wedding dress in a washing machine?

Some brides try to wash their wedding dress by themselves at home. They put the wedding dress into the washing machine. Next, use water to process the pre-wash. Finally, adding rhe washing powder and wash it in slow spin. Will this end up in wedding dress deformation? Or cause the sequins to fall off? Can the cleaned wedding dresses be dried as normal clothes?

Pay attention to the following points when cleaning the wedding dress at home:

  1. Be gentle! Never rub and brush vigorously
  2. Before washing, try your best to disassemble any beadings, accessories, sequins etc. These small items might come in contact with the the fabric during cleaning and result in damages.
  3. The hem/ train parts are easy to get dirty with stains. Pay special attention to these areas for any stains.
  4. When cleaning, turn the back of the dress inside out to protect the ornaments of the dress.
  5. Use a professional chemical specifically designed for wedding dress cleaning. Otherwise, use a household and acid-neutral detergent.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Tips

1) Wet Cleaning Wedding Dress

  • Wine stains & Champagne stains: Immediately put a towel under the dress, scrub it with white vinegar or detergent, and then dry it with absorbent paper to avoid leaving marks.
  • Small decorations on the dress such as beaded sequins cannot withstand the erosion of wet cleaning chemicals. The best solution is to put the dress in water, mixed with a mild and neutral detergent. Soak the wedding dress for 30 minutes. This is an effective way to remove most of the water soluble stains.
  • If the stains are still obvious, soak for extra 30 minutes. Afterwards, even invisible stains such as sweat stains and white wine stains can be removed.
  • Never use washing machines! Even the slowest spin may damage the wedding dress!

2) Dry cleaning Wedding Dress

  • Some dresses must be dry cleaned. Especially for silk, acetate, rayon and wool. Be sure to use filtered solvents for washing. Clarify the type and location of stains, otherwise there will be residues.
  • Dry cleaning is almost impossible to process at home. Therefore, you must choose a reputable and professional Dry Cleaning company.

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Areas of special attention when cleaning Wedding dresses

1. Upper part of the chest, and back of the collar are usually exposed. They get dirty easily.

2. There may be cosmetics stains or lipstick stains on the shoulder areas.

3. Food &Beverage stains and Lipstick stains often appear at the front part.

4. Red candle oil stains, soup stains or oil stains often end up on the skirt.

5. Train or hem parts of the dress are unavoidable full of dirt.

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How to Dry a Wedding Dress after cleaning?

After the dress is cleaned, it must be air dried thoroughly. Do not expose under direct sunlight. Otherwise, the wedding dress will become brittle after exposure. Especially for the skirt, sequins, and decorative flowers which are likely to fall off.

Wedding Dress Drying: Hang dry or lay flat?

If the Drying period is less than 10 days, then you can hang the wedding dress on a hanger and cover it with a hood to avoid dust.

If the Drying period is more than 10 days, then you should lay it flat. First, the wedding dress should be placed flat on a white bed sheet. Next, together with the bed sheet, the wedding dress should be folded in half at the waist and placed flat in the closet.


Do not use plastic covers or plastic bags after drying a wedding dress. It will end up with yellowish plastic stains.

How to clean Wedding Dress myself?


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